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Elite Futbol Club

Elite FC is a youth soccer club focused on promoting the physical, mental, and psychological development of our players through the game of soccer. At the same time we strive in implementing the four pillars which are technical, tactical, physical, and psychological. This allows each player to reach their maximum potential in all aspects of the game, both on the field and off the field.  


Field Locations:

Player Environment

Our training grounds are located at 11140 Greenbay. They are located in the heart of Memorial, that has easy access from any part of the Houston area and its surroundings


Elite FC is focused on creating a postive atmosphere for each specific player to grow in and thrive. Our mission at Elite FC is to be able to encourage our players to reach their highest ability while still having a love for the game. We value team and player integrity and want our players to not only grow in their abilities towards the sport but also as young men and women focusing on their future. 

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